What is Tube Gastric Surgery?

Tube gastric surgery performed by removing approximately 80% of the stomach in order to restrict food intake alone is the most common method of bariatric surgery performed . Tube gastric surgery, which allows the person to reach a feeling of satiety faster by eating less, is mostly performed laparoscopically.

After gastric surgery, the stomach is turned into a vertical tube and the results of this surgery cannot be reversed. Tube gastric surgery the operation takes 1 hour and after the gastric surgery, patients start a clear liquid diet and enter a rapid weight loss process. Those who have gastric sleeve surgery can lose about 70% of their excess weight within 1- 2 years and maintain their lifelong fitness if they adopt healthy living habits.

Insect stomach surgery?

Tube gastric surgery is an operation that lasts about 1 hour and can be performed under general anesthesia by both coach and laparoscopic method. After the patient is anesthetised, it is carried out through 4 holes in the abdomen with special tools with a camera at the end.

During the procedure, excess parts of the stomach are removed and the abdominal cavity is filled with carbon dioxide gas to avoid damage to other organs. The new stomach is created using the staping technique before the excess part of the stomach is cut off. The leakage test is carried out before the operation is terminated and the operation is terminated if the leak is not detected.

What are the Advantages of Tube Gastric Surgery?

– Patients can quickly lose weight and maintain their form if they adopt healthy living habits.

– As excess weight goes on, a serious improvement occurs in secondary health problems.

– After gastric surgery, patients can quickly get enough even if they consume a small amount of food.

– Patients’ appetites decrease after the operation as ghrelin releases in the part of the stomach that is removed from the body.

– The pilor valves that control the passage of nutrients into the intestines are protected during tube gastric surgery. Therefore, the risk of dumping syndrome is eliminated.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Gastric Surgery?

During gastric sleeve surgery, the large part of the stomach is permanently removed from the body and this operation is irreversible.

If vitamin supplements are not taken after the operation and the doctor’s instructions are not complied with, the metabolic balance may be disturbed.

If healthy living habits are not gained after gastric surgery, patients may not lose enough weight or regain the weight they have lost. This disadvantage applies to all gastric reduction surgeries.

When performed by experienced surgeons, the risk of leakage after gastric surgery is minimized, however, the possibility of leakage in the stomach should be evaluated in the preoperative process.