What is Duodenal Switch?

Duodenal Switch defines that the lower part of the small intestine (duodenuma) is connected to the small intestine (duodenum) after the stomach and the pylori muscle are reduced differently to protect the pilor muscle at the exit of the stomach. For this, the duodenum is closed and cut. In other words, the duodenal switch is called the duodenal switch. The small intestine is mouthed at the lower level to the closed duodenum part of the stomach outlet. In other words, biliopancreatic diversification (BPD) surgery is performed after duodenal switching. These two are called Biliopancreatic Diversification-Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS).

Advantages of Duodenal Switch Surgery ?

DS, which is the best weight loss method among surgical interventions: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides can be said to be the most powerful surgical method in controlling. Since the “pyroliccap” of the stomach is preserved, there are no effects such as diarrhea indigestion etc. compared to other surgeries without pylorun. For patients who cannot change their high calorie-fed style, it would be more appropriate to choose this surgical method than other surgical methods. Overweight patients will also lose weight more than gastric bypass methods. Since gastric surgery is performed in this surgery, the release of the hunger hormone (GHRELIN) in the stomach is controlled and this effect leads to a decrease in hunger sensation and appetite.
This surgery slows down the absorption of yag and therefore its effects on metabolism are much more pronounced than other surgeries. Reducing fat absorption makes it easier to lose weight over a long time. In summary, what does Duodenal Switch Surgery provide?
✓ Duodenal Switch surgery is an effective, permanent method that provides long-term weight loss. The rate of weight loss is more than 90%. Duodenal Switch surgery provides better weight loss if compared to other surgical methods such as Gastric Gastric Bypass.

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✓ Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, patients can eat much more than sleeveyada gastric band.
✓ It is very effective in controlling diabetes and hypertension and to be able to lower high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels to normal levels.
✓ Diabetes control rate up to 98%
✓ Obesity-related lung problems Resolution rate for breathing problems, shortness of breath and shortness of breath: 98%
✓ Solution rate in high cholesterol and other blood fats : 92%
✓ High blood pressure problem resolution rate:91%
✓ Since pilor is protected, the person after surgery does not have indigestion and DUMPING SYNDROME.
✓ It is the most suitable method for patients who cannot improve their lifestyle and are fed excessively caloric and fatty foods.
✓ In this surgery, the feeling of hunger decreases because the GHRELIN (hunger hormone) producing part of the stomach is removed.
✓ ‘Quality of life’ is high as there is no need to follow a diet such as fat restriction.


✓ Chronic diarrhea (below 3%)
✓ Foul-smelling gas problems (Not often)
✓ Increased risk of anemia, protein deficiency, vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis (bone loss). (%10 – %15 )
✓ Vitamin deficiency 10%
✓ Risk of developing kidney stones 1%
✓ Risk of death rates during surgery:0.1%