Face Lift

Sagging, under-eye bagging, deep wrinkles on the face area are seen due to advancing age, gravity, stress, smoking, drinking, malnutrition, the effect of the sun’s rays, etc.

In later life, the soft tissue on the face decreases and hangs down through the facial bones under the influence of gravity. It is possible to describe this situation as the skin of the face starting to come to the face abundantly. The aim of face lift surgeries is to eliminate this abundance and create more tense and vibrant skin.

With face lift surgery, sagging excesses of the facial skin are removed and the thin muscle layer under the skin is reshaped and stretched.

How to understand the appearance of an old face?

The changes that aging creates in the face area are as follows:

– Prominentness of forehead lines

– Low eyebrows

– Sagging of the eyelids

– Lineing at the edges of the eyes called goose feet

– Bagging and streaking of the eyes

– Decreased fullness in sagging cheeks and cheekbone area

– Skin folds and deepening in the mouth-nose fold area

– Deterioration-loss of jaw contour lines

– Sagging and lubrication in the neck-tickle area

– Cloakings in the neck-deep wrinkles

– Increases in sunspots on the skin of the face

How are face lift surgeries performed?

Face lift surgeries are also divided into upper face sections with forehead and eyebrows, middle face section with eye level and circumference, and lower face section with mouth, jaw and neck area according to the region of the current problem. The aim of facial rejuvenation surgeries; to hang the tissues on the sagging and loose skin in different parts of the face in their original places and to stretch the skin by discarding more of the sagging skin.

In face lift surgery, the scars are hidden in the temple area in the scalp, in the natural folds in front of and behind the ear. The surgical scars aren’t very obvious because they’re hidden.

In combination with face lift surgeries, eyelid surgeries, skin peeling, filling – botox also increase success.

How long is the surgery?

The operation lasts 2-5 hours under general anesthesia. However, this period is prolonged if interventions such as lower and upper eyelid aesthetics, forehead lift and eyebrow lifting are performed with isolated face surgery.

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What are the Considerations in the Postoperative Period?

After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital overnight and is then discharged.

Although pain is not a highly anticipated condition, pain can be seen in such a way that it passes through painkillers. In some cases, drains are put in such a way that they are removed after 1-2 days. Swelling and bruises on the face are likely to be seen. But in 1-2 weeks it almost completely disappears. After this period, the patient returns to his daily life.

The duration of the effect of appropriate face lift surgeries performed on appropriate patients continues for 8-10 years. However, it is worth keeping in mind that aging continues in the period after surgery.