Hair Transplantation by FUE Method

FUE method, which is an innovative application technique in hair transplantation, is a technique that is frequently used today, which also allows the transplantation of chest and back hairs. In this technique, the micro motor is used, since these ends are 0.6 – 0.7 mm, there are no marks on the neck or where the hair follicles are removed, and after the operation the patient feels much less pain. Since local anesthesia is applied before hair transplantation, there is no pain of the patient during the operation. The FUE method consists of several steps. First of all, the hair is cut to stay 1 mm long in order to better detect the hair follicles and to make the area where hair transplantation will be performed clearer.

The hairs in the chest, back or nape area, which is the area where the hair follicle will be used, are also shaved to be 1 mm long. Then, the area to be treated is anesthetized with local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel pain and the area is prepared for the operation. The micro motor tip is immersed in the skin to center the hair follicle, and the hair is removed along with the follicle and the surrounding tissue. This whole structure is called “graft”.

Graft is limited to a single hair follicle in the early days when the method is applied, but thanks to the hair transplantation technology that is developing today, between 1 and 3 hair follicles can be removed at once, which means that the operation times are getting shorter. After the hair follicles are removed, they are left until the transplantation process in a special solution so that they do not suffer any damage. Approximately 1000-2800 grafts, or 2500-7500 hairs, can be transplanted in a session in FUE technique according to the width of the area to be planted and the adequacy of the donor area. When transplanting, the direction of exit of the hair and the hair structure of the patient are also taken into account and it is aimed to restore the hair to its natural state after transplantation.

After the transplant is completed, the patient is discharged by dressing the area where the operation is performed. These hairs, which are taken from different regions and transplanted to the desired region, adapt to the hair characteristics of the region they are transplanted from over time and live with the same image.

Newly transplanted hair after hair transplantation begins to fall out at the end of about a month. During this process, between the second and third months, new hair grows and visibly fills the old hairless areas. The area, which is transplanted towards the end of the sixth month, begins to regain its appearance with old hair. After completing the adaptation and development of the hair in full, it acquires its most natural appearance between a year or two according to its physical characteristics. Since the hair carries the person’s own DNA, it comes out of the same color and character. Since the hair follicles taken by FUE method do not have the ability to shed, there is no further hair loss.

Basic Stages of Hair Transplantation

1. Hair Follicles Collection

After the donor area is prepared for the procedure, the hair follicles are collected individually with the FUE motor. During this time, it is very important that the roots are not damaged. Each of these roots, called grafts, contains an average of 2-3 bristles.

2. Opening of Channels

Opening the canals in the right size and depth according to the region in which they are located affects the rate at which the transplanted hair grows. Care should be taken to open a canal suitable for the size and length of the hair follicle to be transplanted. The angle of the canal must also be well adjusted to achieve the most natural appearance.

3. Planting Roots in Pop-Up Channels

In the last stage, the collected roots are placed one by one at angles of 40-45 degrees in the opening channels and the hair transplantation operation is completed.

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Process After Hair Transplantation

The operation takes an average of 6-7 hours. General anesthesia is never performed during the operation and the patient is not given an anaesthetic. The patient who is undergoing local anesthesia or Sedation receives the procedure by chatting.

Since hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, the pain or pain sensation is minimal. Another method used in addition to local anesthesia is sedation application. With sedational hair transplantation, we can offer a dream-like hair transplantation experience to our patients who are excited quickly and have high levels of anxiety.